"Enogastronomic Tour Schiazzano and Traditions since 2011" it is unmissible trip between culture and flavours of antique traditions



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"Enogastronomic Tour Schiazzano and Traditions" takes place in Schiazzano,in charming part of Massa Lubrense.


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"Enogastronomic Tour Schiazzano and Traditions" offers you a unique experience where you will be taking part of our family.We will explain you how are mozzarella,pizza and limoncello made.


A Rich and fertile ground,breathtaking scenery:it is here,where our first lemon is born
From fresh product to Limoncello,passing to excellent marmallades and cakes.

Enogastronomic Tour Schiazzano and Traditions

Respectively related to the love for their land and passion for they work, passed down by their ancestors for four generation two friends and theirs family whill take you on a journey through products that have always characteryzed local economy lemons extravirgin olive oil, Provolone del monaco DOP, Limoncello and Pizza Margherita, with relevant european brands for their high domestic quality - IGP Protective Geographic Indication struggling to defend increasingly ruthless competition and globalization.  

About our Tour

FIRST STEP is Lemon Grove where all partecipants are going to taste our homemade lemon and orange marmallades on homemade bread,fresh lemonade and limoncello with illustration of antique recipe.Moreover you will taste our extravirgin olive oils:plain,lemon,orange,basil, origano,rosemaryand hot chilli on homemade bread.Following Sorrento I.G.P brand regulations we valoraise HOMEMADE and ORGANIC PRODUCYS.

Tour Enogastronomico Schiazzano e Tradizioni

SECOND STEP IS “IL TURUZIELLO” FARM OF BENEDETTO DE GREGORIO (CHEESE MAKER) which owns D.O.P brand. Farm runs strict organic line starting from feeding animals,cheese making and finishing on home grown vegetables. Benedetto will present you his farm.Afterwards you will start tasting cheese,starting with aged PROVOLONE DEL MONACO D.O.P and passing to fresh which Benedetto is going to prepair at the moment. He will prepair cacciottine,ricotta and mozzarella for you,adding fresh tomato salad accompanied with chilled wine.

Tour Enogastronomico Schiazzano e Tradizioni Pizza Tour Limoncello Tour

LAST STEP IS RISTORANTE DA FRANCESCO OF ESPOSITO LUCIO (PIZZA MAKER) Restaurant is placed in historical centre of Schiazzano.Lucio and his son will explain you how is neapolitan pizza made using long lasting family recipe with use of mother yeast. Afterwards it is time to put aprons on and start working already prepaired dough. With tarantella song in the background you will follow indications how to throw pizza in the air and have loads of fun! Later you will dress pizza with your favourite ingredtients. Two minutes in wood owen and your pizza is ready to be consumed. Water,wine and dessert are included.

Tour Enogastronomico Schiazzano e Tradizioni Pizza Tour Limoncello

Ristorante da Francesco Di Esposito Lucio

Azienda Agrituristica il Turuziello di Benedetto De Gregorio