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Tied respectively to the love for their own land and to the passion for their own job handed down from their ancient for four generations, the three friends will lead you in a route among the products that have always characterized the local economy as Lemons, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Provolone del Monaco and the Pizza Margherita, not by change endowed of remarkable Europeans marks for their elevated qualitative merit as the the I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) and D.O.P. (Protected Origin Denomination), but that have always difficulty to defend themselves cause a merciless competition and to the Globalization.

The first part is distinct by the visit to "La Masseria" Farm where you will be welcomed with the usual courtesy of the Gargiulo family, owner and connoisseur of the rural tradition. In a purely pastoral context you will be able to enjoy a journey through amazing lemon groves and olive trees which represent the cultural heritage and the symbol of Massa – Sorrento area. Thanks to meticulous care of this land are realized sublime productions of lemon and orange jams, Extra virgin Olive Oil even flavored with lemons and oranges and homemade Limoncello that will be made to taste leaving you breathless…

Tour Enogastronomico Schiazzano e Tradizioni Provolone Del Monaco D.O.P.

The second part instead is characterised by a visit to the cheese farm "Il Turuziello" owned by Benedetto De Gregorio and his family who have always been the holder of the secrets of cheese. The farm "Il Turuziello" can boast besides the various dairy products and derivatives also the production of the "Provolone del Monaco DOP", the pride of the whole farm. You will have the opportunity to taste it also with the finest cold cuts of meat produced by the family which is the result of typical traditional work served with a delicious glass of wine produced from Gargiulo family. You will be showed all the working process of the fresh dairy products like the Caciottine, Treccia, Bocconcini, Caciocavallo and Fior di latte ever with the usual tasting even of Ricotta and with the accompaniment of good wine.

TourEnogastronomicoSchiazzanoETradizioni Pizza Napoletana Tour

Third and final stop on this incredible journey is at the restaurant "Da Francesco" located in a beautiful eighteenth century building. To welcome you with warmth and familiarity there is Lucio Esposito, owner and head chef of the restaurant, who with great thoroughness and ability will show you the preparation of the pizza Margherita, the pride of the Neapolitan tradition, even telling you his secrets and more over will provide you explanations about the other specialities that each one of you will personally help prepare and later taste in peace and tranquillity.

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Tour Enogastronomico Schiazzano e Tradizioni Piazzetta Schiazzano n°3 Massa Lubrense Napoli

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